[SCUUG Members] Enterprise: AT&T and SMS

Mills, Katie kmills at garlandtx.gov
Thu Jun 7 14:52:24 EDT 2018

I have AT&T and when I switch to Wi-Fi the texts come through but the MSG: is blank.  I checked our settings and call number, title and availability should be displaying.  I know it was working but I can’t honestly say I have checked it recently.


Katie Mills, M.L.S.
Electronic Resources Librarian
Nicholson Memorial Library System
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This is what SirsiDynix sent to me.

Thank you for contacting SirsiDynix. With some recent security changes AT&T has effectively blocked the SirsiDynix domain. Enterprise sends out the text request just fine, however it's then blocked at the carrier. We have escalated the issue in report TFE-1447 to our developers, and they in turn have reached out to AT&T and other affected carriers. The discussions are ongoing and we are putting quite a bit of pressure on them to resolve it quickly.

I don't have an ETA at this time, unfortunately. I have attached this case to the report and we'll keep you updated. As soon as it's fixed you'll be notified. Sorry for any inconvenience to your staff and patrons!

Troyce Wilson
Harrington Library Consortium
Amarillo, TX
troyce at hlc-lib.org<mailto:troyce at hlc-lib.org>

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Dear SCUUG colleagues:

At least two other SirsiDynix Enterprise Admins  in the Austin metro area report that they have issues with the "Text This to Me" option in Enterprise using AT&T.  Is anyone else having the same problem?

The message seems to go through but is never received by the person who used the option.  We are not having the same problem with other carriers.

Here is what support sent me:
Thank you for contacting Customer Support. I checked the logs and for the past three texts from library at austincc.edu<mailto:library at austincc.edu> to AT&T numbers, the texts were successfully sent from the Enterprise server and accepted for delivery by AT&T. Presumably, AT&T is filtering out the texts and not delivering them. Sometimes this could be due to the from address being different than the server that sent them.

I have followed all the advice from support and AT&T users still are not receiving text info from Enterprise. (example: removed library at austincc.edu<mailto:library at austincc.edu> as the sender.)

Margaret Peloquin, Head Librarian, Professor - EVC
Austin Community College
3401 Webberville Rd, Austin, Texas 78702
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peloquin at austincc.edu<mailto:peloquin at austincc.edu> || http://library.austincc.edu
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